Baggage Information

Information for carry-on baggage.

Carry-on baggage

A passenger may carry on board personal belongings, such as a handbag, camera, and umbrella, as well as one item of baggage satisfying the conditions below.

Sum of Three Dimensions Not more than 115cm (45in.) (within 55cm×40cm×25cm)
Number 1 piece per person
Total Weight Within 10kg (22 lbs.)
  • *
    Even if your baggage is not oversized, if it is unable to be appropriately stowed in the cabin due to the stowage limitations, it may need to be checked in to the cargo compartment.
  • *
    In order to enhance aerial safety inspection and cabin safety, we appreciate the reduction of your carry-on baggage.
  • *
    We inspect the dimensions of passenger's carry-on baggage at the safety inspection.
    • A gauge is installed at the security check to measure your baggage's dimension.
    • We are unable to make an inspection of baggages exceeding the restrictions.
    • Please check-in your baggage at baggage drop-off counter when its dimension exceeds the carry-on restrictions.

Extra Seat Charge

Additional seats are available with an extra fee for passengers requiring two or more seats when traveling with breakable carry-on items such as musical instruments or pictures exceeding the carry-on restrictions.

Fixed fee:JPY11,300

About items that need extra precaution

Passenger wishing to check-in baggage should be present at the baggage drop-off counter of the departure lounge.

Sum of Three Dimensions Not more than 203cm (79in.)
Numbers are not limited Numbers are not limited*1
Total Weight We accept baggage totaling less than 20kg per person free of charge.*2
  • *1
    Baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance criteria for its dimensions or weight will not be accepted.
  • *2
    Excess baggage charges will apply for baggage over 20kg. However, total weight of baggage exceeding 100kg (220lbs) or 32kg (70lbs) per item will not be accepted.

Excess baggage charges

  • 1kg - 10kg
  • 11kg - 20kg
  • 21kg~30kg
  • Each additional
    10kg over 30kg

Restricted Items

  • Expensive Items Cash, jewelry, precious metals, securities, bills of exchange, works of art and antiques.
  • Valuable Items Documents, electronic data, passports and other personal identification required for travel, samples, credit/bank cards, cash vouchers, bankbooks, checks, commuter passes, keys, computers and computer accessories, mobile phones, film cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, medication, paintings, watches, mementos, etc.
  • Fragile Articles Fragile articles such as ceramics, glass articles, and liquors or water in a bottle. Beverages may be considered dangerous goods depending on the level of alcohol content

    Please see this page (official website of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) for details.

About items that need extra precaution

Dangerous items are prohibited from carry-on baggage and may also not be checked-in, by law.


It is now required to check the cautions regarding baggage when booking online.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Restricted items for carry-on and check-in baggage.

Baggage containing explosive, flammable, or harmful substances that could potentially harm passengers or damage other items is prohibited from air transport, and can neither be checked in nor carried on. Anything that can be used as a weapon is also prohibited on board. The list of items that are prohibited or permitted under certain conditions to carry-on or be checked in is on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism website. Please check if any of your belongings can be identified as dangerous items, in advance.

Plant Transportation Regulations

There are restrictions on bringing sweet potatoes (excludes those that clear public disinfection requirements), Japanese morning glory, and uninspected citrus seedlings or scions onto mainland Japan from Okinawa. You are not allowed to check or carry them onto planes.

Click here for details. (Plant Protection Station Website)別ウィンドウまたはタブで開きます

List of items that require extra precaution

  • LightersOpen
    Items (types) Carry-on Checked Notes
    Gas lighters (Disposable/gas filling type) × Limited to those who use it to smoke.
    • * Permitted to one per person on board, for the use of smoking.
    Oil lighters With cigarette absorbent(cotton) ×
    Without cigarette absorbent(cotton)
    (Tank lighters)
    × × -
    Cigar lighters
    Premixing lighters
    Turbo lighters, jet lighters, blue flame lighters, etc. × × Premixing lighters are lighters that produce a "blue flame" or a "powerful flame" similar to cigar lighters.

    About types of lighters and differences among them

    Flames of premixing lighters
    (Carry-on × / Check-in ×)

    Flames of normal lighters
    (Carry-on ○ / Check-in ×)

  • Hair curlers,Hair ironsOpen
    Items (types) Carry-on Checked Notes
    Power plug type -
    Battery type
    (Lithium-ion batteries)
    × × If the lithium-ion batteries can be removed from the body, they are permitted to be carried on board or checked in. However, the lithium-ion batteries removed from the body and extra batteries are permitted on board only as a carry-on.
    (Not available for checking) The said items must be contained in your carry-on baggage.
    Batteries besides the above. Non-dangerous items. Batteries must be removed. Make sure not to short-circuit the removed batteries.
    Gas type Those that are filled with hydrogen carbonate and have installed safety covers on the heat source, or as for international flights, due to liquids rules, those that cannot be contained in a clear plastic zip-top bag with 1 liter or less capacity are prohibited on board.
    Extra hydrogen carbonate gas cartridges for refilling cannot be carried on board.
    • One per person
  • Instant ice packOpen
    Items (types) Carry-on Checked Notes
    Instant ice pack × × <Feature of product>
    After hiting Instant Ice Pack,the inside chemical agent and water wil occur reaction and start to cool down.

    (Example)Instant ice pack

  • OthersOpen
    Items (types) Carry-on Checked Notes
    Camp stoves Limited to ones with no gas
    (Gas bottles are prohibited both as carry-on and checked baggage)
    Paint × × -
    Fireworks × × -
    Dry ice To freeze perishable foods Up to 2.5 kg per person
  • *
    Handling differs depending on the types of sprays and batteries, so please check at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism website
  • *
    If you possess such dangerous items that are prohibited to be carried on board or checked in, you will be asked to discard them in a box installed at the safety inspection area.
  • *
    For those items that are permitted to be checked in, please drop them off as checked baggage at the check-in counter.

Regarding musical instruments

For passengers wishing to carry baggage onto the aircraft

In case passengers carry musical instruments onto the aircraft, it may be subject to the additional baggage charge.

  • *
    Several musical instruments such as contrabass are not accepted.

For passengers wishing to check baggage

Please check your baggage at the baggage drop-off counter. If it exceeds the free baggage allowance, it will be subject to the applicable excess baggage charge.

Check-in your pet

Pets are not allowed onto the aircraft. Please pay a pet fee and submit your much-loved pet as a checked baggage. We accept the domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, and small birds etc.

We may not be able to accept your pets due to limited space in the cargo and mechanical issues.

Passengers must submit the prepared consent form.
Submit the signed, completed, and printed consent form on the day of your flight.
In order to check your submitted consent form, please be present at the baggage drop-off counter with your pet 30 minutes prior to departure.

Conditions for pet transfer

  • 1)
    Humidity and temperature
    The cargo compartment has air-conditioning and humidity control, but in the summer, the cargo compartment may become hot due to high outside temperatures and reflected heat from the tarmac. There may also be significant temperature change during winter.
  • 2)
    The lights will be off, and the room will be dark.
  • 3)
    Your pet may hear wind and mechanical noises when the aircraft is in flight, or when it takes off and lands.

Reducing possible heat stroke and stress

We transfer your much-loved pet with the greatest care to have it indoors or in shade. However, we recommend you avoid day-time flights and choose either a morning or evening flight where the temperature is cooler during the hot and humid summer days. Please take special consideration of transfer season and time for puppies and aged dogs that are weak to heat.

Drinking water and pet food are not allowed in the pet cage, but a watering device with nozzle are welcome as long as it can be fixed firmly to the cage, and cause no water leakage despite the shake or vibration. We also offer a refrigerant / water device installation service during summer season (from May 1st to October 31st). If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We do not accept the following short faced breed from June 1st to September 30th.

Dog types

Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boxer, Shih Tzu, Terrier (Boston terrier, Bull Terrier), Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Spaniel), Brussels Griffon, Chow Chow, Pug, Japanese Spaniel, Pekingese (13 dog types)

  • *
    We accept the dogs whose name is similar to the above ones.

Pet Fee

You will be asked to pay JPY6,000 per sector per cage for every flight. Please make a payment when your pet is checked at the airport counter.

Rental Pet Cage

If your pet cage cannot be locked with a key, we offer you a rental pet cage for free.
Even if your pet cage can be locked with a key, please make use of our pet cage if yours is made from wood, fabric, or wicker.
When you travel with your pet, please be present at the airport counter with your pet 30 minutes prior to departure.

Rental pet cages are available in the following sizes.

  • *
    Please be advised that the numbers of our cage are limited.
Size Length Width Height
S 41cm 53cm 38cm
M 51cm 69cm 47.5cm
L 61cm 91cm 66cm


1(Age 12+)
0(Age 3-11)
0(Age 0-2)


Verification and modification of reservation

Passengers who have already made reservations can confirm their reservation content, change their seat assignment or cancel their reservation from the reservation list below.